Western Canada's Only

Premium Rum Distillery

Building on the largely untold history of rum running in Alberta
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Alberta's Untold Story of Rum Running

Each drop of Romero Rum is built on a rich and mostly untold history of rum running during Prohibition from the Blairmore Hotel in the Crowsnest Pass through the mountain passes of Alberta, B.C. and the U.S. Pacific Northwest.

A Bold and Adventurous Premium Rum

Today, the Romero Distilling Company continues to tell the story and the tradition of rum making in Alberta as the first local premier craft distiller specializing in rum. As adventurous and bold as the notorious outlaws who preceded us, our premium rums are legends in their own right and time.

Locally Made With Canadian Products

We are committed to using top-quality Canadian made products including our distilling equipment and our main ingredients, molasses and glacier fed water that originates on the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies.

Learn more about Calgary's only premium rum distillery, for a tour and to sample our various rums.

Create Your Own Unique Rum

We offer Rum making sessions to the public. Participants will customize the flavor of the spirit, bottle it, label it and take home their very own bottle of Rum. We have many flavors to choose from. Visit Romero Distilling Co., Calgary's only premium rum distillery for a tour and to sample our variety of rums, made using Canadian ingredients and Canadian equipment.