Industry leader Romero Distilling Co continues to make headway globally after clinching numerous awards and accolades

Industry leader Romero Distilling Co continues to make headway globally after clinching numerous awards and accolades

Romero Distilling Co, Western Canada's premier craft rum producer based in Calgary, continues to build its prestige in the global market after winning awards most recently at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the Frankfurt International Trophy Spirits Competition.

CALGARY, ABMay 27, 2022 Romero Distilling CoCalgary's first rum distillery based on the largely untold history of rum running in Alberta, has continued to make waves globally after racking up numerous awards recently.

The brand's Dark Rum earned a Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2021, Silver Medal at San Francisco 2022, and Gold at the Frankfurt International Trophy 2022. Romero's Dark Rum also bested competitors and won the overall Best Canadian Spirit in the Frankfurt International Trophy Competition. The Frankfurt medal testifies to the quality of Romero's product and the care that its team puts into its production. 

"As Canada's premier craft rum producer, Romero is dedicated to constant advancement through determination, hard work, and innovation. This is evident as seen through the brand's impressive medals and recognitions in the international arena," says Tom Romero, co-founder of Romero Distilling Co. 

Dark Sugarcane Spirit, one of its top-rated, has won Best in Class at the Alberta Beverage Awards 2021. Dark Sugarcane Spirit is distilled in a hybrid copper pot still and contains fancy molasses, blackstrap molasses, cane sugar, and select spices. It features a proprietary accelerated maturation process that uses "once used" bourbon barrels, adding depth and complexity typically only found in much older spirits. Dark Sugarcane Spirit, which is excellent for sipping neat or in premium cocktails, begins with sweet notes of butterscotch and vanilla that melt away to reveal a cascade of spices, followed by a warm smooth finish.

Romero's Amber Rum, another best-seller, won Silver at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2021 and 2022, and was recognized in the Judges Selection Alberta Beverage Awards 2021. 

Amber Rum is matured in once-used bourbon casks from Woodford Reserve in Kentucky. This rum is finished in oloroso sherry casks imported directly from Spain. Amber Rum features notes of vanilla, butterscotch, and caramel, followed by a long sherry finish with notes of roasted almond and dried fruit. 

To round out Romero's accolades, their Spiced Sugarcane Spirit was also recognized at the Judges Selection Alberta Beverage Awards 2021, while the Amber Sugarcane Spirit was honored at the Judges Selection Alberta Beverage Awards 2020.

Romero Distilling Co. anchors its operations on the history of rum running in Alberta as its first premier craft distiller specializing in rum. Devoted to the rich tradition of rum making, Romero Distilling Co uses top-quality Canadian ingredients, including molasses and glacier-fed water that originates on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains. Additionally, all distilling equipment is Canadian-made.

Romero Distilling's award-winning rums can be found at liquor stores across Alberta, British Columbia, and in Connecticut, as well as purchased through Romero's online stores.

In celebration of Father's Day, Romero Distilling Co has announced free shipping in Canada for its lineup of premium rum and $5 off shipping in the United States until June 19, 2022.

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